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Interview Yourself

Interview Yourself - Call for Smart Phone Videos!

CTC 2013 Track E videos: Dumb Stuff We Still Do, and What Court Technologies Would Help You?

Attention Getter

Be famous at CTC 2013! Interview yourself and send us your smart phone video answer to one or more of the questions listed below. If your answers are good, or funny, or creative, or all three, you could be famous! Selected videos will be edited together and played to introduce two sessions at CTC 2013.


1. What dumb technology thing are you still doing in your court that you should not still be doing?

2. What cool technology toys have been acquired by your court that have provided little or no business value?

3. Where have new technologies been overlaid on archaic processes without eliminating or improving the process?

4. Can courts evolve into better organizations without technological progress?

5. Can the benefits of technology be realized without courts increasing their business process discipline, managerial control of operations, and organizational maturity?

6. How will court leaders and technologists work together to create the high performing courts of 2023?


  • You may respond to as many of the questions as you desire. Each response should contain only one answer. If for example, you want to highlight three practices in your court that just do not make sense, please send each as a separate response. Remember, each video clip is a stand-alone submission. We may choose to use only some of your responses, and we may change the order of presentations to fit with other selections.
  • Do not repeat the question to which you are responding! Assume that our brilliant CTC 2013 editing staff will provide all of the necessary introductory materials. Yours likely will be one of several answers to the question.
  • Each video must be a sound bite. While the maximum permissible length of the video is 30 seconds, your video will have a much higher likelihood of being selected if it is very concise and to the point, without a lot of extra verbiage. Shorter submissions are preferred.
  • You may show, rather than explain your answer, but it would be better if you also narrate what the audience is seeing.
  • Leave a few seconds of video at the beginning and end of your submission to facilitate editing and to allow time for audience reaction to your cleverness.
  • Try to record your video in as quiet a location as possible to ensure audio quality and to minimize background noise. If video or audio quality is low, your submission likely will not be used.
  • If you want to submit video in a format other than standard cell phone formats, please contact us and send a sample to ensure that we can convert it successfully.
  • Do not include any material in your video that is subject to copyright, patent, trademark, or other intellectual property claims. It is best not to refer to any specific products or companies without proper authorization.
  • Include the question number in the video file name, along with your name or court name. To illustrate: 6_WashingtonCircuit
  • Upload your video to your Dropbox account and email the link to lwebster@ncsc.org.
  • The deadline for submissions is September 5, 2013.
  • You will not be notified if your video is selected—come to CTC 2013 and be surprised with everyone else!
  • Legal Disclaimers

    All Interview Yourself submissions become the property of the National Center for State Courts and may be used by the NCSC for educational and marketing purposes for CTC 2013.
    Anyone depicted in a video submission is assumed to have provided a release for use of his or her character or likeness. The submitter is solely responsible for any legal issues that arise in this regard.
    Submitters will not be compensated in any way for the preparation of these materials, other than the fame that will result from your brilliant submission.
    No one will be allowed to submit an interview response who does not have a lot of fun preparing it.