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Deadlines & Rules/Regulations


Aug. 12
Freeman begins receiving shipments at warehouse

Aug. 19
Housing Bureau Cutoff

Aug. 19
Solution Showcase session descriptions (and working title) must be entered into on-line profile

Aug. 23
Discount Order Deadline for Freeman

Aug. 27
Discount Order Deadline for Power & Internet

Sept. 2
Exhibit Staff must be entered into on-line profile

Sept. 9
Last Day Freeman receives shipments at warehouse without additional fee

Sept. 16
Freeman begins to receive shipments at show site at Baltimore Convention Center

Confirmed CTC Exhibitors agree to abide by the following Rules & Regulations.


The term “Event” and “CTC” means the Court Technology Conference 2013 being held September 17-19, 2013, at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland.

The term “contract” means an Exhibitor who signs up for CTC 2013 by contract or on-line. Confirming to exhibit at CTC constitutes acceptance of the Official 2013 Rules and Regulations for the event.

Scope of Agreement

Exhibitor agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract and the Official 2013 Exhibitor Rules and Regulations of the event that are made in part by reference and fully incorporated herein. If any language in the Rules and Regulations conflicts with the language of the contract, then the contract language shall govern.

These exhibition rules are part of the contract between the exhibiting firm and CTC. The Conference Director or CTC Staff Member shall have the authority to interpret and enforce these rules. All matters not covered by these regulations are subject to the decision of the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member. All decisions so made shall be binding on all parties. Exhibiting companies, and/or their representatives failing to comply with the Official 2013 Exhibitor Rules and Regulations will result in penalties including, but not limited to removal from the show floor.

Exposition Management

The event is controlled by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). The delegated authority set forth in these rules and regulations is subject to revision by the NCSC at any time.

International Association of Exhibition and Events (IAEE) Rules in Effect

CTC and the Conference Director subscribe to and incorporate the Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations developed by the International Association of Exhibition and Events (IAEE) as part of the overall rules and regulations. These specifically cover, among other things, construction designs.

Variation to IAEE Rules

  • Hanging signs or towers must be installed with the highest point positioned 20 feet from the exhibit hall floor and with the highest point within the height restriction established by the convention/expo hall facility. This only applies to island booths.
  • Product height should not exceed 12 feet and meet booth set back requirements per IAEE rules. You must get permission for CTC if your product exceeds this limit.
  • If displaying tall product, no signs, logos, lights (unless an integral part of the product) or other attention-getters can be mounted anywhere on the product unless it adheres to the 8 foot rule for inline booths.
  • Exhibitors at the ends of an inline section must cover the end of the back panel in such a way so that the backside of rear display panel is not visible to passing attendees.
  • Island booths must have at least a six (6) foot opening every 30 feet; this opening must have a height from floor of at least 8 feet.

Exhibitor indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless CTC, all co-sponsoring organizations, the official contractors and the exhibition facility, their agents, members, officers, directors and employees against any and all liability whatsoever arising from any or all damages to property or personal injury caused by an Exhibitor or his/her agents, representatives, employees, or any other person. Exhibitor assumes complete responsibility and liability for all loss, damage, or destruction of the property of Exhibitor, its agents and all property of the exhibition facility used by the Exhibitor or brought into the exhibition facility on its behalf. Exhibitor also assumes full responsibility for all injury to any and all persons or property that is in any way connected with Exhibitor's property, including equipment, or caused by Exhibitor, his/her agents, representatives, or employees.

Exhibitors are required to carry appropriate liability insurance against personal injury and damage to property of others. A copy of the Exhibitor certificate of insurance confirming a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 each occurrence with a $1, 000,000 aggregate and naming CTC as an additional insured on the insurance certificate is required. Should Exhibitor not carry liability insurance, an option is to purchase coverage. Please contact the exhibits coordinator for further details.

Compliance of Exhibiting Firm

Each exhibiting firm agrees to comply with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances applicable to the space leased and also with such rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member and/or the exposition facility.

Public Policy

Each Exhibitor is charged with full knowledge and compliance with all laws ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public-safety as related to the exposition facility.


The exhibiting firm hereby agrees to abide by all agreements made among any unions with jurisdiction at the exposition, the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member, the Exhibit Committee, and/or the exposition facility.

Change of Venue

In any event any part of the exhibition facility is destroyed or damaged as so to prevent CTC from permitting an Exhibitor to occupy assigned space during any part or whole of the Exposition, or in the event occupation of assigned space is prevented by strikes, or acts of God, national emergency or other causes beyond the control of CTC, Exhibitor hereby waives any claim against CTC, its directors, officers, agents, suppliers, members or employees for losses or damages which may arise in consequence of such inability to occupy assigned space. If for any reason, it becomes necessary to change the location of the exhibits, the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member reserves the right to reassign all Exhibit space as deems best.


The Conference Director or CTC Staff Member reserves the right to exclude from the exposition any exhibiting firm and its representatives or employees who refuse to comply with and/or correct any violation of the exposition rules. In the event it becomes necessary to restrict any installation or activity or to evict any offending exhibiting firm, CTC will not be liable for any refund of exhibit space rental or any other expenses incurred by the exhibiting firm. Refusal to make requested changes or to pay the cost of changes requested by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member can result in loss of eligibility to participate in future CTC expositions, as the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member deems appropriate.


This contract is irrevocable, and the rights of CTC under this agreement shall not be deemed waived except as specifically stated in writing by an authorized representative of CTC. If any term, clause or provision hereof is held as invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or operation of any other term, clause or provision and the invalid term, clause or provision shall be deemed to be severed from the agreement.


Photography of the exhibit hall or contents of any Exhibitor booth is strictly prohibited at all times. Photography inside any exhibit space is limited only to the company that owns the exhibit space or to a photographer appointed and approved by CTC and then only with exhibit owner's express permission. Violation of this photography policy will be subject to a penalty to be decided upon by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member including, but not limited to confiscation of film.

Use of Association/Conference Name(s) or Logo(s)

CTC's logo will not be used to infer that CTC recommends or endorses any product or service. Use of the CTC name and/or logo or conference name and/or logo for promotion by an exhibiting company before, during and after CTC is granted only with the permission of the CTC Management Staff.

Use of Pre- and Post-Show Attendee List

CTC Exhibitors will receive a complimentary electronic excel file of the pre and post-show attendee lists. The pre-show attendee list will be sent to exhibitors the week of September 2, 2013. The post-show final attendee list will be sent to exhibitors by September 20. Each list can be used ONE TIME to market your company's products and services to conference participants. Duplication or reselling of the mailing list is not permitted. The final attendee list can be used ONE TIME within 45 days of the show closing (November 4, 2013).

The electronic attendee list will only include mailing information—phone, fax and e-mails will not be included. Each exhibiting company receives one complimentary lead retrieval app to use on a single device. This will assist exhibitors with capturing leads. When an attendee's name badge is scanned, it will include complete contact information, including phone number, fax and e-mail address.

Liability & Insurance

Neither CTC, all co-sponsoring organizations, the official contractors and their officers, directors, employees, members, or agents, nor the exhibition facility, nor the legal entities that own, lease or operate the facility, nor their members, officers, directors or employees, will be responsible or liable for injury to any person or persons or for loss or damage to any Exhibitor's property or any person or persons while in transit to or from the exhibition facility or while in the exhibition facility.

All property of the Exhibitor will remain in his/her custody and control in transit to, from, and within the confines of the exhibit hall, subject to the rules and regulations of the exposition. Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the association and its contracted decorator and materials handling companies to protect property during installation, exposition, and dismantle periods. However, neither CTC, service contractors, building or grounds officials, nor any officers, staff members, or directors of any of the same, shall be responsible for the safety of the property of Exhibitors from theft, damage by fire, accident, vandalism, or other causes, nor will they assume liability for any injury that may occur to exhibition visitors Exhibitors or their agents and employees, or others.

Storage of Packing Crates and Boxes

Exhibitors will not be permitted to store packing crates and boxes in open areas of their exhibit spaces or behind their booths during the exhibit period. These crates, when properly marked, will be stored and returned to the Exhibit space by service contractors. It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to mark and identify crates. Crates not properly marked or identified may be destroyed.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EAC's)

Each Exhibitor shall provide to the Conference Director, 30 days in advance, the name and title of the person in attendance at the exposition and responsible for the installation, operation, and removal of the exhibit. Said representatives shall be authorized to enter into such service contracts as may be necessary for which the Exhibitor shall be responsible. The EAC will operate within their assigned Exhibitor's booth only and not solicit business from other Exhibitors.

EAC Insurance

The EAC will furnish CTC a certificate of insurance confirming a minimum coverage of one million dollars ($1,000,000) liability insurance, workmen's compensation insurance and auto liability insurance coverage. EAC's must conform to CTC's Exposition Rules and Regulations.

Special Services

Internet, internet wireless, telephone, electric, water and other utilities, as well as other special services needed by individual exhibitors, are provided only when an exhibitor orders and agrees to pay for them from the persons authorized to supply such services in conformity with city, convention center, insurance and other requirements.

Installation and Removal of Exhibits

All displays must be erected and open for viewing by the close of the set-up day for the official inspection by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member. The deadline for removal of all materials from the exhibit hall will be enforced. It is the sole responsibility of each Exhibitor to have materials packed, identified and cleared for shipment at such time. The Conference Director or CTC Staff Member reserves the right, with no liability whatsoever for damage, spoilage or loss, to dismantle, dispose of, store and clear the premises of any display material, goods, property or merchandise of any Exhibitor who has failed to comply with the above requirements or may order such work to be done at the sole expense of the Exhibitor.

Any booth or materials broken down before 1:30 pm on the last day of the show will be penalized and have 10 priority points removed and fined $100. Our goal is to allow our attendees and exhibitors the opportunity to enjoy the show and be safe.

Clean Up Fees

Should CTC be charged a clean up fee by the facility as a result of an Exhibitor's activities, a cleaning fee will be charged to the Exhibitor. Because facility charges vary, CTC's Conference Director or CTC Staff Member will establish the clean up fee charged to the Exhibitor.

Exhibiting with Partners

NO EXHIBITOR SHALL ASSIGN, SUBLET, OR SHARE THE EXHIBIT SPACE ASSIGNED WITHOUT THE WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE CONFERENCE DIRECTOR. In such case where the Exhibitor wishes to share the contracted space with a Partner, an additional charge of one half the cost of the total booth's space will be applied. The request to exhibit with partners must be submitted in writing no later than 60 days before the start of the conference. Name and contacts of partnering company must be provided. No permission will be granted on-site.

Non-Registered Organizations

Firms or organizations not assigned space in the exposition or any other designated areas will not be permitted to engage in any activities within the exhibit area or any other areas of the exposition hall or in hotels affiliated with the event in any way. Exceptions may only be granted by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member, and then only to non-commercial enterprises or companies holding contracts for support services with the association.

Restriction of Direct Sales

No firm or organization is permitted to engage in direct sales or cash-and-carry transactions within the exhibit area. Order taking, sales contracts and any other sales activity must meet the requirements of state and local laws and regulations.

Marketing Activities Outside of Exhibit Space

All demonstrations, marketing activities, and distribution of promotional material must be confined to the three-dimensional boundaries of the Exhibitor's Exhibit space. Displays of any kind including products advertising, promotional signs, literature, novelties, etc. will not be permitted in other exhibit spaces or public areas such as aisles, entrance ways, lounges, registration areas, approaches, corridors, meeting rooms or any other areas of the exposition hall or hotels affiliated with the event in any way. All interviews, demonstrations, solicitations, and other activities must be conducted so as not to infringe on the rights of other exhibiting firms or to offend visitors to the exposition. Exhibiting firms shall confine all such activities within their exhibit space and not in the aisles. Aisles cannot be incorporated as part of an Exhibit space.

Operation & Conduct

Show management reserves the right to regulate and/or restrict exhibits to reasonable noise and lighting levels and to suitable methods of operation and display of materials. If for any reason an exhibit and/or its contents are deemed objectionable to other Exhibitors or to show attendees by the Conference Director, the exhibit shall be subject to removal at the Exhibitor's sole expense, and show management shall not be liable for refund of exhibit space rental fees or exhibit equipment rental fees, except at its sole discretion. This includes people, things, conduct, or poor professional demeanor, which, in the sole judgment of show management, is detrimental to the event. Exhibitors must display goods manufactured or dealt in by them in their regular course of business, unless otherwise approved by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member.

Exhibitor Off-Site Functions/Hospitality Hours

Off-site product demonstrations, hospitality parties, VIP seminars, by invitation only-meetings, and other such commercial demonstrations planned off the exhibit floor will not be allowed during the regular conference schedule, which is tentatively scheduled as follows:

Tuesday 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

Wednesday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

CTC scheduled functions may change. Please refer to the CTC website for updates.

Show management reserves the right to limit or terminate any demonstration, hospitality, seminar or other such function if it violates exposition or conference rules.

Exhibiting firms may reserve hotel hospitality suites only through CTC's appointed agent, i.e., a housing authority. Suites are assigned only to fully paid exhibiting firms on a first-come, first-served basis. All corporate group room blocks must be fully prepaid and guaranteed through said agent.

Conference Credentials, Badges and Passes

Every person, including temporary workers, must wear an identifiable and acceptable CTC conference badge at all times. After-hours work passes, available on-site, will be required for any exhibit staff member working after the time designated by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member. Exhibitor show badges are not interchangeable.

Employee Badges

Exhibit space must be staffed by representatives of the exhibiting firm, wearing official Exhibitor badges, during all times the exposition is officially open. All employees of the Exhibitor will be required to show a picture ID and/or a business card at time of on-site registration. Badges will not be printed without proper credentials. Anyone not able to supply proper identification will pay full price for access to the exhibit floor.

In order to receive conference credentials, the Exhibitor must submit a completed Exhibitor registration form by deadline as referenced in the Exhibitor kit.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EAC's)

Temporary badges will be distributed to EAC's. Temporary badges are only valid during set-up and tear-down hours. An Exhibitor badge is required to obtain access to the floor at any other time.

Complimentary Day Passes

Day Passes provide access to the exhibit hall only. Contracted Exhibitors may request up to six complimentary day passes per 10x10 booth space rented. Clients will have to register on-site to receive their badge.

Persons Under 21 Years of Age

Persons under the age of 21 are not permitted to attend the Conference or work in the Exhibit.

Exposition Hours

To assume maximum-security protection for open exhibits and merchandise, after-hours work and/or entertainment will not be permitted in the exhibit spaces unless permission is granted by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member. Any company wishing to admit personnel or other guests to its exhibit space before or after exhibiting hours must submit such requests in writing to the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member no later than 30 days before the start of conference. The exhibiting company making any such request may be liable for any security costs incurred by CTC in connection with any after-hour requests. Except when special permission is granted by CTC, everyone must be out of the exhibit hall with one-half hour after the official closing time of the exhibits.

Exhibit Inspection

All displays must be erected and completely set up for viewing and inspection at the designated time on the last day of exhibit installation, at which time the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member will conduct an inspection. A representative of each exhibiting firm is asked to be in their Exhibit space until the inspection of that exhibit space is completed. This will permit the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member to alert the exhibiting firm immediately of any violation that may exist. If no representative is available, a violation notification tag will be left in the exhibit space describing the violation. If an exhibiting firm does not act to correct violations within the prescribed time limit, the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member will have them corrected prior to the opening of the exposition at the expense of the exhibiting firm. Failure to correct the violation may result in penalties including, but not limited to, removal of display from the show floor.

Delivery and Removal of Goods

Goods received after the opening of the exposition must be delivered to the exhibit space at a prearranged time other than official exhibit hours. Goods and materials used in any display (except bona fide samples) may not be removed from the exhibit hall or any area before the exposition has been officially closed without the prior approval of, and an official pass issued by the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member .

Rules Variations

The Conference Director or CTC Staff Member must receive all requests for variations in the rules and regulations in writing at least 75 days prior to the first move-in date. Sketches and/or engineering drawings illustrating the variation should accompany such requests when appropriate. No variation of any kind will be permitted without the prior written approval of the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member. Approval or disapproval of Rule Variation will generally be responded to within 45 days of its request, but in no case later than 45 days prior to the exhibition opening. Response will be in writing from an authorized representative of the CTC Conference Department. Verbal response or lack of response does not constitute approval.


Any and all disputes of these rules must be taken up with the Conference Director or CTC Staff Member.

Booth Selection

Exhibitor agrees to lease from CTC exhibit space(s) as indicated on the contract. It is understood that CTC will make every effort to assign the exhibit space(s) as requested, but Exhibitor grants CTC the right to make final assignment of exhibit space and to alter locations at its own discretion to further the best interest of the exposition. Although CTC will attempt to accommodate Exhibitor request for specific booths, no guarantees can be made that the Exhibitor will be assigned the specific booth(s) requested.

Exhibitor acknowledges that they are not contracting for a specific booth(s), but rather for the right to participate as an Exhibitor in the event. Exhibitor understands that exhibit space(s) is held on a tentative basis until receipt of signed contract and required payment.

CTC makes no representations of warranties with respect to the demographic nature and/or number of Exhibitors or attendees.

Payment for Exhibit Space

Exhibitor agrees to pay in full exhibit space rental fees within two weeks of submitting the on-line contract for booth space after April 26, 2013. If exhibitor signs up before April 26, the payment schedule below applies. CTC is not responsible for bank fees. No Exhibitor will be permitted to retain a booth space or move-in display of products without full payment. If the exhibit space rental fee is not paid within this timeframe, CTC reserves the right to cancel Exhibitor's contract and reassign exhibit space(s) without further notice and without obligation to refund monies previously paid. The Exhibitor agrees that upon acceptance of this contract by CTC with or without appropriate or timely payment of any and all fees, this contract shall become binding and enforceable in accordance with its terms.

Payment Schedule

  1. A 25% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit with the submission of contract.
  2. Balance is due April 26, 2013.
  3. If contract is submitted after April 26, total payment is due with submission of contract.
  4. Payment shall be made in U.S. Dollars

Cancellation of contract or reduction of exhibit

Cancellation of contract or reduction of exhibit space must be in writing. All payments for exhibit space(s) are non-refundable and non-transferable.

CTC will cancel an Exhibitor's exhibit space(s) for the following reasons:

  • Payment is not received within two weeks after submitting on-line contract.
  • Exhibitor fails to occupy the assigned space five (5) hours in advance of the exhibit hall opening.
  • Exhibitor fails to comply with the contract and the Rules and Regulations (as they may be amended from time to time).