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Future Conferences:

e-Courts 2014: Dec. 8-10, Las Vegas
CTC 2015: Sept. 22-24, Minneapolis
CTC 2017: Sept. 12-14, Salt Lake City

CTC 2013 Session Evaluations

Track A: Self-Represented Litigants

What Do Litigants Expect?

What Do Self-Represented Litigants Need?

Successful SRL Portals

Risks, Challenges, and Benefits of SRL portals?

Superb Self-Help in Other Countries

What's the Implementation Roadmap?

SRL 2023

For SRLs, What's the Big Idea?

Track B: Judicial Officials' Use of Court Technology

Off-Putting Technology Characteristics

Nebraska Electronic Courts: Participatory Change

E-Bench and More, Much More

One Size Doesn't Fit All?

Overcoming the "Document" Barrier: Federal Courts' E-Docs & E-Signatures

10 Tips for Judging E-Discovery Disputes

Bench and Chambers 2023

For Judicial Officials, What's the Big Idea?

Track C: Management of Court IT

 Court Technology Leaders: Identifying Similarities, Leveraging Differences

 Beyond the Cloud: What does Externalized Service Delivery Mean for Court IT?

 Funding IT – Working Successfully with Your State Legislature

 How will the Four Radical Shifts Manifest Themselves in Your Court?

 Brave New IT Team - Emerging Roles and Skills

 Recruiting and Retaining IT in the Public Domain: What are Your Court’s Challenges?

 Doing IT for Themselves? Enabling Court Staff's Self-Sufficiency

 What's the Big Idea for Managing Court IT?

Track D: Video Remote Interpretation

Today's state-of-the-art remote interpretation

Effective Remote Interpretation: Audio and American Sign Language State Case Studies

Effective Remote Interpretation: Video Case Studies

Remote Interpretation in Your Court?

Mashup: Remote Interpretation in Health Care

Tech Talk: High-Def Video in Court

Update on National Initiatives to Enable Remote Video Interpretation

For VRI, What's the Big Idea?

Track E: Reaping the Benefits of Court Technology

Optimizing Your Court's Use of Technology: Value on Investment (VOI) Matrix

Reaping the Benefits of Electronic Court Records

Reaping the Benefits of Mobile Devices

Responding to Requests for Disruptive Technology

Reaping the Benefits of Business Process Automation

How are You Optimizing your Court’s Workflow?

Court Technology 2023 and the High Performance Court

For Court Tech VOI, What's the Big Idea?

Track F: Next-Generation CMS, DMS

 Letting Go of Paper; Embracing the All-Electronic Record

 Using COTS CRM for Rapid Development of Court Applications, and Using COTS BI for Court Performance Dashboard

 CMS/DMS Innovations for Paper-on-Demand Environments and Conservator Account Reporting Systems

 Integrating Mobile Devices and CMS/DMS: South Carolina's iPad Integration

 Building Blocks for Next-Gen CMS and E-Filing

 How Do You Maintain Business Rules in Highly Configurable CMS?

 Integrated, Next-Gen CMS

 For CMS and DMS, What's the Big Idea?

Program Sponsor Tracks

Do More. How to Harness Your Microsoft Technology in More Valuable Ways / Microsoft

Gauging Collection Progress and Performance / RevQ

How a Paper-On-Demand Court Can Pay for Itself / ImageSoft

Courtroom Audiovisual (AV) Technology / Biamp Systems

It's Not Just Paperless Anymore: Addressing Technology in Courts is More than Just E-Everything / HP

Connected Justice / Cisco Systems

FTR Falcon: Digital Court Reporting in a Connected World

Courts Modernization / Zia Consulting

Speeding the Wheels of Justice with Intelligent Forms / Adobe

Oracle and Speridian Present a Fully Integrated Judiciary Platform / Oracle